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YPL shoes


I have always been “cool oriented”, interested in fashion, design, new trends and details. After my Cool Hunting Degree, I decided to follow my passion for the fashion world, and I’ve kept myself constantly updated by reading fashion magazines and glamour books, and also by following some beauty and fashion bloggers.

I started working as a personal shopper after attending some Personal Shopper and Image Consulting courses and I’m trying to learn more and more about fashion, glamour and beauty every day because, like Einstein used to say, “The Mind Is Like A Parachute….It Only Works When It's Open”.

I graduated at the University of Milan with a master’s degree in Media Communications. In 2012 I decided to increase my knowledge about wedding, so I became a wedding planner.

  • Matrimonio.com
  • Associazione Italiana Personal Shopper
  • Urban Safari
  • Wedding Road Show

YourPersonaLook, per info e contatti - Email: info@yourpersonalook.com - Cell: 3409678855 - CF: CTTCRL81L58C933K